2004 Sprouts and Spud Buds Harvest Festival
September 18, 2004

Another spectacular feast was prepared for family and friends by the Sprouts and Spud Buds. They made bread, pizza, veggie soup, veggie trays, coleslaw and fresh corn on the cob for over 80 guests. We all got to enjoy the fruits of their labors!

Making bread and pizza dough

     Making bread        MAking pizza dough   Bread making

Making veggie soup

Soup        Soup2       soup3 soup45

Making coleslaw

                                                     Coleslaw2             Coleslaw

Applesauce and flowers, too


Havin' fun!

    Little girlsSunflower houseBig girls

pumpkin contest

Veggie facesMayor MFace painting


    See you next year!